About Nba Cafe - NBA Cafe Barcelona



The NBA (National Basketball Association) and ANGrup have teamed up to create the first NBA CAFE in Europe, located on Las Ramblas 120, at Barcelona City Center.

The NBA Cafe occupies the three floors of a spectacular, historic and neoclassical building overlooking the Ramblas, a unique space in the city. It is big, very big, it occupies a 1.400 square meters. Lázaro Rosa-Violán helped us to create a very special restaurant, where you will live and enjoy an authentic NBA experience.

Since you sense it at the distance down the Ramblas, enter and stay there, surprised by the immersed in the very essence of a NBA match, on their own teams, is its stadium with its parquet flooring of track, with their great players, with its legends and its stars…, if you’re lucky, you’re just some eating one of their famous Double-Double Burgers.

We open in September 2016, and it is already the point of encounter and link between fans, families, couples, groups, and people of all origins and backgrounds with the world of basketball and the best League in the world, the NBA, and with an authentic American cuisine.

NBA CAFE is a continuous WOW experience… is gastronomy, is activity, is sport, is fun, is technology, is cosmopolitan, modern, is visual, is warm, is quality and care in all details.


A menu prepared with the best recipes from the American cuisine.

A proposal that combines ingredients of classic American cuisine with Oriental and Mexican influences, quality products and exquisite sauces.

In their exclusive grills, we cook ribs, burgers and red roast meat as the basis of the meal, which are complemented by delicious starters and salads, as well as spectacular homemade desserts.

The restaurant

NBA 360° immersion experience.

The restaurant breathes the atmosphere of authentic basketball Pavilion.

With audiovisual content: NBA CAFE BARCELONA is spectacle, is basketball, and is technology. Matches and unique scenes of the NBA are emitted from the restaurant. It has a spectacular “jumbotron” (video marker) with four sides, inspired by those founded in the pavilions of the NBA teams.

Memorabilia: the NBA essence through memorable legends objects.

In the restaurant, you can find original items that belong to the most important NBA players. Signed jerseys of the League NBA Stars, balls, sneakers and other memorabilia that complete a collection of unmatched value.

Interactivity: elements that interact personally with the brand.

At the NBA CAFE we have an area exclusively dedicated to NBA fans. The FAN ZONE is the space where kids and adults can interact directly with the NBA brand thanks to different activities and games with the latest technology.

Events: live events with the legends!

Follow up our schedule to stay up of all actions and events with current players, special functions and other events that make NBA CAFE a place of fun and meeting.